Researching Potential Employees Online
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Researching Potential Employees Online

The trend nowadays is to hire people online for the various tasks. Is this trend a practical move towards the best or can this be a potential harm to your business?

Whether you're building a new business or just considering to expand your business, researching potential employees online is a very strategic, cost-efficient way to find the perfect employee that can help you in making your business succeed.  There are several things to consider before you even decide to pursue this action.  There are advantages and disadvantages when hiring potential employees online. 


Of course there are so many advantages of outsourcing your manpower online.  Primarily it is cost-efficient.  Hiring online employees will cut your office cost.  You don't have to rent an office to operate a business. Office supplies will only be very minimal.  Also, electric, water and other utility bills may also be trimmed down, thus, giving you a greater probability of gaining a higher profit. 

Secondly,  you will surely have a long list of potential online competitive employees.  Remember you have people in different countries who may be interested in the position.  Unlike in the conventional way of researching or hiring employees, you only have walk-in applicants to choose from.  Often times, you will not be able to hire the perfect employee because they are already hired somewhere else.  Meanwhile, although we know that outstanding employees are most of the time taken already, you can still hire them online.  You have to adjust though. 

The most common employer-employee arrangement online is part-time basis.  Potential employees can just commit the number of hours they can render, thus, he will only be paid for their hours of service.


Meanwhile, the other side of the coin will show you the disadvantages of researching or hiring online employees.

Employee retention is very hard to achieve. As you may notice jobs offered online are on a per project basis. Tasks are short-term. Most employers know that they cannot provide promising benefits to someone who is miles away from him, health benefits for instance. For work at home moms or those people who simply would like to stay in a convenient place while working, they are also sacrificing these benefits in exchange of the convenience they are embracing. True! They don’t have to travel to go to work everyday, but what if they get sick? Do they have the health benefits that regular employees enjoy, except for those who have health benefits through some other venues. For instance, these work at home moms are dependents of their husband who does have a regular job. Health benefit is not an issue then.

Most part-time employees online commit if they have extra hours available. If there will come a time wherein they will receive a better offer, these online employees will not hesitate to leave you.

In the world of business you always take risks.  Thus, whatever channel you consider when researching potential employees, it would be best to think it over several times before entrusting important aspects of your business, especially to someone who is  a total stranger to you.  Research is the key.  Study the success rate of those businesses in your niche who have considered hiring people online.

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